Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Best tricks of WhatsApp

The WhatsApp is the world's most popular messenger, whose customers are more than  1.5 billion and is one of the most used apps, but few people know about interesting tracks, which has the app The fun is used to be used.

We're here to tell you about the tricks that can work for you.
Best trucks of WhatsApp
Best trucks of WhatsApp

Sending HD pictures
Go to a chat, click the paper clip icon and then click on the document. Clicking on the Mute menu option will bring you all documentary files that will be saved in the smartphone and to send high-quality photos, click Browse other docs and then go to the location where the image is present. Open the desired folder by tapping the selected image and then click on the sand, while more than one image can be sent, just hold a photo with a finger and then keep the other locked. Cultivate

Send a message to someone without an ad
Open your favorite web browser on a smartphone. Then type this link in the search bar, ttps: //api.whatsapp.com/send? phone = XXXXXXXXXXX (Write the phone number in the end that is X, which would like to send a message and start the code at no later than Write sign). As if the person's number is in Pakistan, it will be something like this: http://api.whatsapp.com/send? Phone = 923001234567. Then interfere. After that, a Watts app window will be open, which will be asked if you want to send a message to this number, click 'Send Message.' You will automatically get to the WhatsApp where a start chat window will come and you will be able to send a message without an ad to anyone.

Use the new typewriter font
To change the font of your Wats app message, use this simulator (`) three times before or after your message as 'Messaging', it is easily accessible in the Android keyboard, not in iOS but Apple's devices I need to copy it.

Watts app data less use
To access data usage and network accessibility in app settings, how much data usage you use on the Watts app. Data lets you limit the data and opt-out of photos, audio, video, and autocomplete options can be WiFi. Additionally, the data can be reduced by reducing the usage of mobile data in this app by slicing the user mode.

Share documents
You can now share documents directly with the Google Drive and i.e. cloud drive in the WhatsApp chat, for this click on the arrow that is left at the left side of the text window, then share the document and then place it from where it shares is being done.

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Stop photos and videos from being saved in the phone
If you do not want to see your friends' pictures and videos automatically in your device's memory and video device, go to chat settings in the app and turn off the Seave Incoming Media button.

Bold, Atlas, Strike Throw
You can now decorate your text in the WhatsApp.
Bold: If you want to bold a word, then follow * and follow *, for example, * Hi *.
Astral: Add the beginning of your word at the end like _ _ _
Strike Throw: Add ~ Start the word and end of your word like ~ Hi ~.

Finish the blue tick
Open the WhatsApp, Settings, Account, and Privacy, check the Red Recipe there, unfortunately, you will not be able to see whether other people have read your messages or not.

Do not let the Blue Tick Message appear
When a message is received, turn on the airplane mode, open the message and read. The blue tick will not be in front of the sender until you open the WhatsApp again. When you read the message, turn off the app to turn back the apps that run back in the background through a multi-window backup window. By doing so, the WhatsApp will be completely closed and the device will not be a sign on switching off the airplane mode switch online.

Save Chat History
Go to settings and go to the chat and then chat. Configure your chat settings so that backups become on the weekly or monthly basis and can include videos if they want.

Save audio messages to your limit
When audio messages come, press the play button immediately after pressing the phone on your ear, such as calling someone. As such, the phone will move audio output instantly from the main speaker to the speaker and only you can hear the message.

Change mobile number on the WhatsApp
Often other users on the Wats app can see your phone number, but if you have multiple phones, then you need to install it again to change the number. However, there is an easy way to do this. Click on accounts in settings, click on the option to change the wats app number there. There will be two fields here. Enter your new number in the first field and the old number second in the second and click on the dun. After investigating this new number, the WhatsApp will move your conversation to this new number.

Turn off the last Seen feature
This feature is working well because it shows you what time your friend was online, but it also affects the user's privacy. To turn off this feature, go to the account and click on the left button and apply the necessary changes.

Change your friend's profile photo
Go to contacts and copy your friend's number, now take a photo to paste your friend's number on it and remove plus marks. Now paste this photo to friend's wats app profile picker and its profile image will change.

Send a file larger than 15 MB
Wats app's capabilities are limited to file sharing. No file shares can be shared with up to 15 MB, such as RAR, Zip, PDF, AJAX, AP, and Word file. Here's an application called CloudSend. Upload the file to this app and give the given link to the desired user. When downloading it, you can download a trusted file.

Sending a big heart
During the chat, find the Hart Emoji and do it without a word or audios.

Transfer files from computer and phone
Create a group, in which you add a friend and then delete it so that you live in that group alone. Now open the WhatsApp and log in with the QR code, then move the media file to a computer by WhatsApp group, or open any chat file and transfer the files from there to the computer.

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