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How to save after nuclear attack?

How to save after nuclear attack?
In today's era, man can face the worst disaster. It's a nuclear attack.
If the atomic bomb is dropped on your city. So you can save a life. How?
In this article,
Where is the danger of nuclear attack?
At present, there are 20000 nuclear weapons available.

These countries are the biggest threat to nuclear attacks
South Korea,
North Korea,
In addition to this, Russia and America can target nuclear weapons.

The capital, the main military chaos, the major cities, and the most populated areas are the first target of nuclear attacks.
"Keep in mind"
How to save after nuclear attack?

The nuclear attack is always the last option in the war. Determine yourself from your country and international affairs and prepare for advancement in the event of a war.


You can only save nuclear weapons and its effects if you have a strong and secure refugee vehicle.
The best refugee will be at least 10 feet below the ground floor. Refugees can be made on the ground, but they will not be able to completely prevent the radiation, but the refineries made on the ground should be made from the building addresses if used for common bricks and concrete to be used instead of at least one brick Fill 5 layers.


Store so much luggage in your shelter, which is enough for 3,2 weeks,
Description of goods:
1- Take a ton of pack, without any item of meat, but vegetables, butts, and bars etc. can be prevented from the excessive extraction of food poisoning.
2- Distilled or mineral water bottles.
3-A large tank of water that will be used for drainage.
4- A radio. (Your mobile radiation will fail after the first jamming).
 5-plus pair of clothes.
6- Books, which will help in passing underground for many days.
7-First Aid Kit.
8- Medicines in which fever, headaches, body pills, sleeping puzzles
9-Beats or Alternative Power Alternatives
Potassium iodide pills
(Take the first day of the day)
Pencil in potassium
Safety anti-septic spray

If nuclear attack?

In the case of an accident or attack, the first principle of survival is to control the senses and control of their senses.
Being a nuclear attack will give you a powerful explosion within a second and immediately a large number of miles of smoke will be seen as a "mushroom". Understand if it is a nuclear attack.
Now start the struggle to survive:
There are three steps of nuclear disorder,
First Minute
Radioactive storm

If nuclear warheads have been dispatched within your localized mail, read the word immediately and have a seat if you are sitting in the next three seconds, your existence will fly. You can save if there is a diameter away from the nuclear attack location.
Ala Dalim has no more than 5 seconds after you hear it. At the opposite side of the globe, some other things, the wall or a deep place, move on the ground, holding your hands on the head, digging the ears and crossing the legs, in the meantime, you are more powerful. It will be more powerful than ever and will create a severe earthquake. Congratulations! You have escaped from the first glimpse.

It is said that two to three seconds of hearing should be raised and extend to your shelter.
Fault auto
Hundreds of buildings were destroyed in the northwest of Johannah bin, whose rubble will now be destroyed as well as the rain of "Alpha Particles" outside of radiation will begin. Do not turn around at all times. And make sure to avoid falling into the ice cream.

Congratulations if you have reached the right shelter! You got out of trouble.
Once you enter the shelter, remove all your clothes without wasting a moment, because, during the shortfall, it must have been sucking a large amount of Alpha Particles. After that, if you are injured, take early medical assistance if you are right then making a bath so that the infants of childbirth may be able to save them to a maximum extent.

Now there is a radiation storm on the ground and you have to stay in a shelter for several days.


1-Ask at least 
2- Have time spent as much as possible.
3- Keep listening to the radio and keep track of the situation.
4-Keep your courage.
5- In the next few days, you may suffer from radioactive scans in which you can have a high fever, fatty, ulcer. Use the medicines you have.

After more than 5 days of relief, rescue teams and military forces will be trapped in your area. Listen to the radio when you are able to make sure you have relief activities in your area. So that you can get rid of radiation area immediately.

If you can not reach any relief team, leave twenty days after the refund. So far the radiation storm has reached.

Travel to life ........

As soon as you get out of the shelter you have the first feeling that only one of your millions is alive children. Now the area is as quickly as possible.

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